Is the New To Golf Fast Track Program for me?

Understand whether the New To Golf Fast Track Program is right for you by using our short checklist overleaf. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions, then this online self-learning program could be the perfect start to your golfing journey!

  • Would you like learn the basics of golf?

  • Would you like to better understand how the game is played?

  • Would you like a relaxed introduction into the rules and etiquette of golf?

  • Would you like to understand what equipment you need to get started?


New To Golf Fast Track Program

Colour Path Golf have designed the most effective online self-learning program with an easy way to learn how to play golf. With simple to follow language and using just 4 main colours, you can accelerate your learning and retention of the game, but at a time and speed that is comfortable for you.

We use an externally focused coaching system which has been proven in over 80 studies worldwide to improve development.

Follow our simple step-by-step program to start your golfing journey. Includes FREE Colour Path Golf Kit worth £54.98:

  • Starter Kit (8pcs)
  • Putting Plate 

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome & How To Use Your Program
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  • 02
    Introduction & DNA Testing
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  • 03
    How to Hold The Club & Pre-Shot Routine
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    • The Baseball Hold/Grip
    • The Interlock Hold/Grip
    • The Overlap Hold/Grip
    • Pre-Shot Routine
    • Hold/Grip Quiz
  • 04
    Basic Putting Stroke
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    • Basic Putting Concept
    • Putting Basic Hold Options FREE PREVIEW
    • Putting Stance & Posture
    • Basic Path Gate Drill
    • Pure Roll Drill
    • Stacker Drill
    • Hole Reducer Drill
    • Speed Control Backboard Drill
    • Basic Putting Quiz
    • Putting Skills Test 3, 5, 8, 10.
  • 05
    Basic Chipping Stroke
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  • 06
    Basic Pitching Stroke
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  • 07
    Basic Fast Track Straight Swing
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  • 08
    The Draw Ball Flight
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    • The Draw Ball Flight
    • Draw Ball Flight Quiz
  • 09
    The Fade Ball Flight
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    • The Fade Ball Flight
    • Fade Ball Flight Quiz
  • 10
    Basic Wood Play Swing
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    • Basic Wood Play Swing
    • Basic Wood Play Quiz
  • 11
    Easy Out Bunker Shot
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    • Easy Out Bunker Shot
    • Easy Out Bunker Shot Quiz
  • 12
    The Basic Rules & Etiquette
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    • What You Need To Know To Get Started
    • 12 Basic Rules For A New Golfer
    • Rules and Etiquette Quiz
    • How to Replace a Divot
    • How to Drop The Ball
    • How To Rake A Bunker Correctly
    • How to Repair a Pitch Mark
    • How To Remove The Flag
    • How to Take Relief From a Red Penalty Area
    • How to Take Relief From a Yellow Penalty Area
    • Basic Rules Quiz
  • 13
    Golfing Terminology
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    • Golfing Terminology for New to Golf
    • Golfing Terminology Quiz
  • 14
    Overall New To Golf Quiz
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    • Overall New To Golf Quiz
  • 15
    Next Steps...
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...